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We are an independent website created to review and inform users on how they can best defrag their computers improving performance, reducing future issues and much more. Part of our website compares all the popular leading products for Defrag and simplifies the choosing process if you’re looking for a professional defragmentation software, we recommend in a simple to understand view what product’s we’ve compared and how they compare – You can see the most award winning products by our star system this is a general overview of all these combined;

  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Value

Using these four components we compare and inform users of our decision for what is the top defrag software for 2012. You can find all of our comparisons for this year using the simple form, we’ve compared 100’s of defragmentation products and these are the ones that scored the highest and our testers liked the most.

Top Defrag Software for 2012 – Top Rated

Here is a list of the top Defrag Software for 2012 below, in this simple table you can see what product we recommend the most, and a brief overview on the product – you can also see the further review and get a discount on the desired software by either clicking Review or Discount so you can get a further understanding and if you want to purchase this product you can entitle yourself to discount on it.


The comparison above shows that O&O Defrag Professional is our most highly recommended product – since this website started we’ve tested 100’s of products and O&O scored the best on all of them and the main reason for this is it’s unique patented methods of defragmentation for your computer that make it miles ahead of its competitors.

Because O&O Defrag is the award winning product for 2012 for Defrag we have created numerous tutorials on for example “How to Install O&O Defrag” and many more, all of our Windows Tutorials feature O&O Defrag Professional and certain other tutorials and info graphic’s recommend it too.

Why go Professional?

In short you always get what you pay for, it’s like if you decide to go to a cheap mechanic or your step-brother’s mechanic for free when you service your car you may notice that things break, and it’s often more hassle than it’s worth and can cost you more in the long run, by using a professional defrag solution you are not only going to get patented more improved defrag technology but an even bigger boost in performance.

There are plenty of alternatives out there and you can use them as you please but most of the time even the “free” one’s install nasty Ad-Ware and Spyware on your computer and over time they sometimes become a bigger problem than the one they solved by slowing down your computer and impacting performance worse than any fragmentation can.

Professional is peace of mind, you know you are getting the best quality, build and technical support on demand if you need any help with your computer it’s at your fingertips. Improve performance indefinitely and save time in the future by investing in proper software.

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