>How to Defrag Windows Server

If you are running a Windows Server either at home or in a business then you may notice performance become sluggish over time, system hangs, slow start up, and general performance and stability issues this is often because you’re not using an enterprise solution to defrag such as O&O Defrag Server, with one install and run of this your servers will automatically be defragged over time using patented methods.

Save costs and improve the life of your servers with O&O Defrag Server for Windows.

My Experience with O&O Defrag Server

I was called to an estate that was running 4 Windows Servers, 1 for CCTV, 3 for Movies & Documents, and the last running general DHCP, DNS tasks, the performance on all of these were appalling absolutely awful start up times, when you clicked a file it would take up to 30 seconds to open with performance and stability issues like these I knew the solution was O&O Defrag Server, I installed it on all of the servers and overnight the issues were gone like that – the reason being is O&O Defrag will promptly defrag and maintain system performance over time by optimizing it when the system isn’t being utilized this ensures constant best performance.

How to Defrag a Windows Server with O&O Defrag Server

Once you have purchased and downloaded O&O Defrag you can get started – if you haven’t got O&O Defrag yet you can get it at a discounted price by clicking here.

Now you’re ready to defrag your Windows Server, once you follow the installation process you should see an overview of your system drives there is a ribbon of options if you click the QuickStart option you can force a defrag then and there by clicking Optimize Now.

You will then see the summery screen analysing your hard disks for fragmentation it will then start optimizing it then and there, it will also maintain your system drive in future without the need to defrag it manually as its all automated, the biggest benefit of using O&O Defrag Server Edition is the money It will save you meaning you don’t have to buy new hardware and the software to accompany it as your existing one will work without fault for over time, and even if the hardware fails you have peace of mind as recovery is a lot more successful if the drive is kept defragged.

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