>How to Defrag Windows 7

Windows 7 has many improved features including the way it handles defragmentation/fragmentation, but it’s still a massive issue that can seriously impact your computers performance, the solution to this is to install O&O Defrag Professional, it’s the ultimate system defrag utility much better than any alternatives and the inbuilt windows one. If you want your systems to perform as fast as the day you bought it and possibly faster then O&O Defrag Professional is the solution – This tutorial will show you how to use it to optimize and defrag your computer.

What you need for this guide

Step 1. You should have O&O Defrag Professional Installed, if you don’t follow this tutorial.

Step 2. Once Installed you should see this splash screen below with an overview of your system and hard drive status.

How to Defrag Windows 7

This screen shows how fragmented your system is, look at the bottom right my C: drive for my computer, you can see its heavily fragmented (indicated by red blocks) chances are your system will look like this if not worse.

You want to click on the drive in the list, in my case I click C:

My main computer drive is now selected, you can see its pretty heavily fragmented and running O&O Defrag will restore my computers performance considerably and make it much faster, so without complication we simply need to click “QuickStart” and the drive will start to be defragmented.

Step 3. Once you’ve selected your disk drive, and clicked “QuickStart” (top left) you will see this screen, as this is your first time running the disk defrag we want to optimize this now.

Defrag Now Windows 7


Start the defragmentation by clicking “Optimize now!” this will star t the analysis of your system and run a defrag on your hard disk(s)  – Now on the information panel you can see an update of how many fragmentated files there are on your computer, see the screen below.

Defrag Started

Note the “Frag. Files” on my hard drive, it’s almosted fragmented by 18% impacting my system severely and slowing everything down from the start up of the system to opening files.

Step 5. Now O&O Defrag Professional is handling all of the work for you, its analysed your hard drives and is now optimizing them for the first time – The GREAT thing about O&O Defrag is it means you’ll never have to defrag your hard drives as it does it in the background when you’re not using your computer, so it will always remain fast, stable, and wont impact performance it will improve it over time, so sit back, grab a coffee and wait for O&O Defrag to finish its first ever defrag on your system.

(If your computer is fragmented above 30% I recommend you leave your computer on overnight)

Step 6. That’s it! All done. Your hard drives have been defraged and they will be optimized in the background, that’s why we recommend O&O Defrag because it optimizes your system forever in the background meaning you don’t have to worry about your system slowing down.

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We hope you enjoyed this guide on How to Defrag your Windows 7 Computer.

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