>How to Defrag Quickbooks

Quickbooks stores it’s file in a database file on your computer, overtime fragmentation can occur creating blank spaces on your hard drive causing your hard drive to have to spin more in order to find the data it’s trying to access – this means a poorly defragmented hard drive can cause QuickBooks performance to suffer considerably so to fix this we need to defrag your hard drive using O&O Defrag Professional – We recommend this over other defragmentation tools as they have patented methods, this is a one-time setup as O&O will maintain your hard drives ensuring they have a low fragmentation on them.

So there are two methods to check your QuickBooks Fragmentation:

Open your QuickBooks company database (DB) file, press F2 and this will open the product information screen showing you a brief summary, take a look at the “File Fragments” section it will give you an indication of how fragmented your quickbooks database and computer can be, if this is fragmented then its highly likely your entire computer is fragmented too.

The benefits of not just defragmentation for QuickBooks but your PC

Your overall performance of your computer is dictated by  how fragmented your hard drive is, the more fragmented it is the longer it takes for your disk drive to spin around and find the file its trying to access this can slow down system start-ups by up to 25minutes and result in programs opening really slow and the entire system being sluggish – running O&O Defrag to speed up the system will defrag it constantly when you’re not using the computer ensuring the performance of your system is up kept and responsive

The risk of losing your QuickBooks Database if you don’t defrag

If you don’t defrag you can seriously shorten the life of your computer hard drive that can result in data loss or corruption of files such as your QuickBooks – if you don’t defrag you can seriously put your company data at risk as corruption is more likely, also if the worst does happen a well defragmented hard drive is easily recoverable too. Most hard drives fail within 2-3 years so don’t put your data at risk as defrag can increase the life by almost double or more on most occasions.

  • Defrag can improve performance sometimes up to 100% improvement
  • Improved startup speed
  • Improved reliability
  • Faster QuickBooks

Get O&O Defrag Professional at a discounted rate

We’ve partnered with O&O Defrag to provide you with savings on O&O Defrag Professional; you can download it today at a cheaper price and still get the full version with all the same features. You will almost immediately be able to see the performance boost once you’ve run O&O Defrag for the first time especially after your first system restart then it will really start to show the performance increase. Improve both your computers and QuickBooks performance with O&O today.

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