>How to defrag on Windows XP

This tutorial will explain how to defrag on windows xp using the in-house Windows Defrag tool on Microsoft Windows XP, disk fragmentation can cause your system to become slow and can cause PC crashes and slow startups by defragmenting your system is can maintain a decent system speed and prevent problems from ever occuring.

The in-built Windows Defragmentation Tool is useful but there are better alternatives out there that do the job much better and faster, and ensure your computer is protected from problems, you can view the best defrag programs by clicking here.

How to defrag on Windows XP Tutorial

1. Once your computer is powered on, and your desktop has loaded and the start bar proceed to click “Start”
from start navigate to “All Programs” from the all programs menu select the “Accessories” directory and in the directory you should see the “Disk Defragmenter” program, this tutorial will explain how to defrag on Windows XP.

2. The disk defragmenter tool should now be open on your screen, you should be seeing the same image as the one shown below:

How to defrag on Windows XP

3. Select the computers main hard drive (By default it should be Volume C:) then click the “Defragment” button as shown in this image: Defrag Button

4. The defragment should now be running, the status should be displayed in the bottom of the Disk Defragmenter Window

Windows XP Disk Defragmenter Running

5. Once the defragmentation is completed you should see a prompt that asks if you want to “View Report” or “Close” the Window, select Close.

XP Defrag Complete

How to Defrag on Windows XP is complete

5. Congragulations! You successfully know how to defrag on Windows XP. Your computers hard drive has been defragmented. You may want to seek out better alternatives than the default Windows XP Disk Defragmenter you can view our free alternatives on our Top Defrag Programs page we have listed the best ones and reviewed them, to defrag on Windows XP more effectivly consider upgrading to professional software.

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