>How to Defrag Hyper-V

If you’re running Microsoft Hyper-V and run a few virtual servers on them, you may have asked the question once or twice before how do I defrag Hyper-V, and should I defrag inside the virtual machine or just the host machine itself?

First – Should you defrag inside the Virtual Machine or the Host Machine (Hyper-V)?

The answer to this question depends on your current server setup – if you are using a thing called differential disks if you are then its recommended you defrag both on the host machine and the Virtual one too, the tool we recommend for defragmentation in professional environments such as servers and small to medium size business is O&O Defrag Server Edition the normal price of this is $99 but with our special How2Defrag discount you can get this for $89 so use this link to purchase O&O Defrag Server.

How to Defrag my Hyper-V Server(s)

Defrag is made simple and efficient with O&O Defrag Server – the reason being it doesn’t impact your systems performance if you are running one or more virtual machines and attempt to run a defrag with them running it will completely murder and slow the server right down almost to a standstill especially in single disk environments – With O&O Defrag Server it runs in the background slowly optimizing until it reaches an excellent level of defrag then it maintains it, this method is the best approach as it means its “set and forget”  and ensures the performance of your servers will continue to be the best over time, it also has unique patented methods to ensure the best method of defragmentation, you won’t find better than O&O Defrag Server it’s the professionals choice.

Some of the benefits of using O&O Defrag Server for your Hyper-V setup;

  • Performance Improvements are often up to 100% better
  • Constant Defrag ensures no build-up of Fragmentation maintain your system performance.
  • Faster Program Opening, Document Opening, System Startup.
  • Speeds up Backup & Restoration in event of a disaster.
  • Adapts to system load and doesn’t impact performance.
  • Supports SSD Drives, USBs, Memory Cards, and much more.

These are just some of the features of O&O Defrag Server.

My Experience with O&O Defrag Server

I’m a computer consultant and when I went to visit a company running two Hyper-V servers with 4 virtual machines the performance was sluggish and poor, constant crashing, blue screens, 10-25minute reboots on the host machines – after downloading and installing O&O Defrag Server the headache was gone in over a day the machines were fast and responsive, no more crashes, no more program hangs… and ever since it runs in the background protecting and ensuring the servers don’t get clogged up again. I highly recommend this to any serious server administrator worth his weight in gold.

You can get O&O Defrag Server at a discounted rate by clicking here. It will redirect you to the checkout with a discounted price (indicated by the crossed out, and green new price below) once you’ve purchased it you can instantly download it and start protecting your servers and improving general performance and stability of them.

We recommend you generally only install it on the Hyper-V host servers, not the Virtual Machines themselves.

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