>How to Defrag Group Policy

When you’re running a network of servers and computers with multiple users you most likely have a considerable amount of group policy settings that get sent throughout the network configuring everything from the Logon Security to the Background and Internet Explorer Settings, you may have noticed over time it takes longer to deliver the group policy updates around the network or you may be having performance issues in general with your Windows Servers this can seriously slow and impact your computer performance the best way to deal with a slow group policy and general server performance is to use O&O Defrag Server – you honestly will not believe the performance benefit of using defrag on a server but there are some problems to using defrag on a live server.

Problems with Defrag on Production Servers

The problem is when users are using your system you don’t want to run a defrag and slow them right down almost to a standstill – so the only way to get around this is to do defrag at say 1am when no one is using the system? Wrong… You are simply creating your own problems the best solution is built into O&O Server Defrag  is has a constant defrag method ensuring fragmentation is kept away and the drives are fast and efficient at all times, unlike other defragmentation software O&O Defrag especially the server edition senses when the system is being used, it monitors the CPU, RAM and Disk I/O to ensure when it defrags it’s not impacting performance this makes it ideal for Windows Servers that are in use, for example if no one is using the system O&O defrag will maintain it, if a user stops working and goes and makes a cup of coffee O&O will know and will optimize it while the computer/server is idle, the same as if it detects a surge in I/O use such as a backup running O&O Defrag will stop and wait for it to complete – it does not impact the performance at all while delivering a serious kick of defrag performance boost sometimes up to 100% improvement in performance through its patented defrag methods.

O&O Defrag with Group Policy

O&O Defrag will optimize all areas of Windows – including the store area for Group Policy so when its used and sent to other servers and computers its easily accessed and sent with ease, less delay and faster performance – this also improves your network performance as its not slowly using it up it sends it promptly in one go.

Improving all round performance with one click?

O&O is a fit and forget bit of software – it runs constantly in the background once you first install it working to maintain your servers performance, and improving every aspect from Windows as a whole to Group Policy delivery as it can access it faster.

Get O&O Defrag for Server today and save 25% on O&O.

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