>How to Defrag Exchange Server

If your business relies on Microsoft Exchange Server for its e-mail and you want to ensure its performance and reliability remains the best possible then the best suggestion we have for you is to use a professional defrag software designed with Exchange in mind.

Failure to plan is planning to fail

If you fail to put the proper maintained into your Exchange Server such as running a defrag every now and then your server performance will suffer extremely bad, especially considering how large exchange mailboxes can get (into the GB’s) and the larger your organization grows the more data will be going through the exchange server, this is when it can become sluggish and constant crashes and performance related issues, us at How2Defrag have partnered with O&O Defrag to help promote its main features and functioning on an Exchange Server is one of them, let me give you some reasons why;

O&O Defrag Server Edition is the ultimate way to ensure your server’s performance remains in tip-top shape, it works seamlessly with any applications and configurations you may have and can help optimize the entire server in general including exchange’s user folders.

I once worked with a client who had two servers, one terminal server and a exchange/domain controller server – they were suffering from constant freezing on both servers especially the exchange server – logging on would take sometimes up to 15 minutes, after a brief analysis of the system we noticed the hard drives had NEVER been defragged in the previous 3 years since the installation – so we installed O&O Defrag Professional on the system to defrag the hard drives and for it to do a preventive defrag in the background constantly, logging into exchange now took seconds not minutes, no blue screens of death anymore and the reliability of the network was restored meaning the business could operate without  IT headaches.

Not many people realize how effective using a professional defrag can improve system performance and reliability, the constant defragging in the background means the server maintains the best performance possible with ease, this means not as many server upgrades, less downtime, and the business can operate without any headaches.

The best solution for Defrag on Exchange

The decision is simple – O&O Defrag Professional the ultimate way to maintain your Exchange Server’s performance in our experience, reduce lag and improve the speed of the entire system not just exchange but every hard drive operation from opening a document to reading emails.

With our partnership with O&O you can save up to 25% on O&O Defrag Server Edition, it can help optimize your servers, including exchange’s operation.

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