>Best Defrag for Windows Server

Defrag is one of the best performance boosting tools for Windows Server, guaranteed. If you run your own Windows Server or Servers, or work professionally with Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 then defrag can seriously help improve performance, reduce maintenance and errors and save you hours of your time while your improving performance at the same time.

You may be wondering then what the best software is for Defrag on Windows  and we recommend O&O Defrag Server Edition, this is the ultimate solution for defrag on Windows and you will be brutally surprised about the performance increase you get from using O&O Defrag. If your servers are running in a company environment or simply get used a lot then this can reduce fragmentation, speed up performance and reliability of your hard drives meaning documents and software open much faster – O&O Defrag Server Edition can often give Windows Server’s a 100% Performance Boost and can help with the following;

  • Faster Server Startups & Shutdowns
  • Automatic Defrag in the Background
  • Improved Backup Speed & Performance
  • Faster Software & Web Browsers
  • Extends Life of Hardware

O&O Defrag Server is the magic bullet solution for Windows Servers performance increases – even if you think you’re server(s) is running fine you should try O&O Defrag Server Edition and still be amazed that even fast servers can perform even faster by using O&O Defrag Server Edition.

Save on O&O Defrag Server Edition

Being a partner with O&O Software we’ve asked if they could kindly provide a discount to our users who would like to switch to O&O Defrag Professional they agreed and gave us a discount so make sure you use it as you can save up to 40% on O&O Defrag Server Edition, see the offer below for more information on how you can get the discount.


Make sure you don’t forget to check out our How to Defrag Windows Server tutorial for how to use O&O Defrag Server Edition and get it to work flawlessly without any issues – we also have numerous other resources such as if you use an SSD should you defrag and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to answer any queries you may have about defrag on windows servers to defragmentation in general.

Check out O&O Defrag Server Edition as the one stop solution for your defrag needs on servers, reduce headaches improve performance is our motto when using Server Edition of O&O Defrag, we use it on our own servers here in the office and on some of our remote servers such as Exchange and other ones it seriously has helped – especially with the older 2003 version of Windows Server and if you’ve not optimized that regularly they can become really cluttered and slow.

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