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Welcomes to How2Defrag.com the complete how-to knowledgebase of computer defrag. We have a wide range of tutorials, guides and videos to help you improve your computers performance using defrag along with special discounts on award winning performance software for your computer wether you’re a personal or business computer user we have the solutions for both.

Defrag is the best way to improve system performance and extend the life of your computer or device,  everything from your startup speed to opening documents will be considerably faster as your computer won’t have to work so hard. Defragmentation is like changing your car oil you should do it every so often otherwise it can ruin your performance and even destroy your machine if you don’t do it regularly.

What is the best software to defrag my computer?

We often get asked this question by e-mail, since running this website for the past few years we’ve compared many defrag software and system improvement tools – we decided on using a bit of software that only does defrag, but it does it extremely well because that’s all it does, this software is called O&O Defrag Professional – We use it in all our tutorials to defrag computers, laptops, servers simply because it’s the ultimate way to improve system performance, sure you could use an all-in-one system performance utility but I can guarantee its defrag won’t be as good as O&O by a long shot and your system performance won’t be as good if you don’t use O&O Defrag.

Extend your computers lifetime by double

It’s a bold claim, but what if I said your computer will remain fast, snappy, and issue free by using O&O Defrag? It means you won’t have to replace your computers every so often saving you an absolute fortune in hardware and installation costs – If some affordable software can save you up to thousands in new computers then wouldn’t you agree it’s worth it?

Home Users, Business Users, Advanced Users

Every type of computer user can benefit from proper defragmentation using the right tools, from home users wanting there computers performance to be better, to business users who’s time equals money who wastes hours waiting for the computer to do things, even technical users such as IT Administrators can benefit from defrag by using O&O Defrag Server Edition on servers and client desktops making everyone have a more streamlined smooth performance when using systems.

Check out our tutorials and what we recommend on how to improve and defrag.

Everyone can benefit from Defrag!

Every user can benefit from defrag, even if your using an SSD as O&O Defrag supports Solid State Drives, don’t waste any more time – save time, money and improve your performance today by getting O&O Defrag at a discounted price and follow our tutorials on how to optimize you system – best of all O&O Defrag will defrag in the background –FOREVER ensuring your computer never becomes fragmented so you never need to think about it again.

Claim your O&O Defrag Professional discount, or read our review first.


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